Emergency Services Insurance Program (ESIP)

Helping those who protect our communities.

Crossroads Insurance has made helping those that protect and serve our communities a top priority. That’s why we partner with McNeil & Company to offer insurance coverage tailored specifically for emergency services and help our clients develop a proactive risk management program that anticipates issues before they occur.


  • Volunteer Fire Departments
  • Rescue Squads
  • Ambulance Services
  • Fire Districts
  • Career & Combination Fire Departments
  • Fire/EMS Related Associations

Does the program offer any risk management services and training?

Dedicated to bringing our emergency service clients the very best protection, ESIP is constantly developing and updating its risk management services and training resources. This includes an employee/member hotline, driver assessments, safety posters, on-site safety audits, in-house alcohols control programs, and more. ESIP also provides up-to-date training through its E-Learning and Training Management System, emergency vehicle driving training, intersection accident prevention courses, Violence Intervention by Prevention for Emergency Responders, and Operation SafeEMS.


As with any organization, emergency service organizations still need basic coverage options like property and general liability insurance. But they also have some very specific needs that our program helps cover. This includes:


Provides coverage for real (buildings) and personal property as well as coverage for additional exposures such as Business Income and Extra Expense; Equipment Breakdown; Computers and Communications Equipment; Valuable Papers, Software, and Data; Newly Acquired Property; Money and Securities; and Flood and Earthquake.

Commercial General Liability

Goes beyond a standard commercial liability policy to include Emergency Services Liability, Fire and Rescue Service Liability, Pollution Liability and Corrective Action Cost, Non-Owned Aircraft and Watercraft Liability, Fellow Member Liability, Injury to Volunteers.


Expands the definition of employee on a crime policy to include non-compensated officers, directors, and board members, treasurers and tax collectors as well as volunteer workers. Coverage is available for the following exposures: Employee theft, forgery or alteration, and theft of money and securities.

Business Automobile

Protects you against potential lawsuits from motor vehicle accidents and applies to your vehicles as well as those of your members while they are engaged in their duties for you.

Emergency Apparatus

Provides physical damage coverage for your emergency vehicles on an Agreed Value basis, with a scheduled limit of insurance selected by you. This coverage pays for the lesser of the agreed value, the actual replacement cost or the repair cost of the vehicle.

Portable Equipment

Provides coverage for property normally used away from your premises in the performance of your duties as an emergency services organization. This includes turnout gear, defibrillators, EMS kits, portable radios, and pagers.

Umbrella/Excess Liability

Provides extra limits of insurance above the primary limits provided under our package policy.

Accident and Sickness

Provides your financial security for your members, with benefits to address the many concerns your fire and emergency medical services personnel have should they become injured or ill while performing duties for your organization. Includes Accidental Death and Dismemberment, Loss of Life – Sickness, Permanent Physical Impairment, Cosmetic Burn Disfigurement, Medical Expense, Weekly Disability, Family Expense, Family Education, Physical Assault, Permanent Physical Impairment Education, and 24-Hour Accidental Death and Dismemberment – Injury Only.

Cyber Liability

Provides protection for any breaches in security and includes Network Security Liability Coverage, Privacy Violation Coverage, Cyber Extortion Coverage, Security Breach Notice Coverage, and Crisis Management Coverage.